Camelot Lottery

Camelot Lottery

The Camelot Lottery is synonymous with the national lottery and the UK Lotto. the The Camelot Group are the operators of the UK National Lottery and are in part responsible for the amazing Euromillions Rollover situations that we have all come to love. The Camelot Group were awarded the National Lottery franchise in 1993 and with that they started the Camelot Lottery that started the following year in 1994. The Camelot Group were re-awarded the franchise in 2001 and again in 2007. The current franchise period started in 2009 and runs through until 2019. This also has a possible extension for a further 5 years on top. There is also a Government body called The National Lottery Commission that is responsible for deciding who is awarded the franchise.

Camelot Lottery Objectives

As the licensed operator of the UK National Lottery, also known as the Camelot Lottery, the prime business objective for Camelot is to maximise returns to the good causes in the most efficient and socially responsible way. While the Camelot Lottery is committed to raising money for the good causes designated by Parliament through the sale of National Lottery games, it is The National Lottery Commission that is responsible for distributing and awarding these funds to good causes and charities that come from the Camelot Lottery.

The Camelot Lottery was created with the specific intention of raising money for good causes and Camelot Group has certainly delivered in that respect. Did you know that 28p in every £1 raised by the Camelot Lottery goes to good causes and since the first lottery game (that was launched in 1994) over £24 billion pounds have been used to support and fund a wide range of worthwhile projects in every part of the UK. As far as lottery players themselves are concerned the Camelot Lottery has also created more than 2400 millionaires, and thanks to the relatively new Millionaire Raffle game that number increases by at least one every single week.

Camelot Lottery History

Camelot not only manages the National Lottery infrastructure but also designs new games and develops the marketing support for lottery products. They also provide services for players and winners and manage the huge network that sells tickets (like retail outlets which now total 28,500 retailers UK-wide) to players. As mentioned Camelot is committed to maximising returns made to good causes and charites by operating The National Lottery in a socially-responsible way. Even with the challenging economic climate in the UK and wider worldwide decline of lottery sales Camelot have shown strong sales year on year. The Camelot Lottery remains one of the worlds most consistent and successful lotteries in the world.

As well as successfully launching the UK National Lottery and many secondary lottery games such as scratch cards to new and exciting draw based games such as Dream Number. Camelot also played an essential part in launching the masssive Euromillions draw which was the first multi national lottery game in Europe!

Camelot Lottery

Working as equal partners in the project, Francaise des Jeux of France and the Loterias y Apuestas des Estad of Spain the Euromillions was launched in 2004. The number of participating countries in Euromillions has grown over the years and the lottery which takes place every Friday and Tuesday has generated some of the biggest lottery jackpots that players in Europe and the world have ever known. The Camelot Lottery is here and it looks like it’s here to stay.