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Welcome one and all to the Love My Lotto lottery syndicate experience! This isn’t just any old lottery syndicate but a new and well thought out approach to playing the lottery with a group of like minded people, all sharing the same goal of winning the big one! Love My Lotto syndicate play allows people from all over the world to enter into multiple lotteries, buy much more tickets for their money, and have much more fun in the process. You can see the Euromillions results and national lottery results straight away with a click of the mouse and play in the big lotteries as a major player! The odds are stacked in your favor and players are happy that they are not paying over the odds for the fun.

 Love My Lotto

Love My Lotto offer a whole host of lottery games that can be played, including the UK Lotto Saturday (previously called the national lottery) and also the big Wednesday draw. No more popping down the shops at the last minute to pick your numbers. You can also play in the massive Euromillions Tuesday and Friday draws. Some of these draws have become world sensations, even overtaking the excitement around the US mega millions draws and reporting massive wins for lucky players. Love My Lotto subscribers can also play in the weekly millionaire making Tuesday and Friday Millionaire Raffles. A million pounds MUST BE WON each and every week. As well as all this, players are also entered into the special Lottery Daily Draw (cunningly devised by the Love My Lotto organizers) and as if that wasn’t enough, players also get entered into the Premium Bonds draw as well! Players can start playing with Love My Lotto for as little as 12 pounds a month by subscribing to the entry level Bronze package, but there is also the silver and they also offer a Gold package for serious lottery enthusiasts!

Why play with Love My Lotto?

Lottery syndicates are quite simply a fantastic and fun way to increase the odds of winning the lottery. With Love My lotto you play less, but win more ofter. OK, so you may have to share in the prize winnings with other players but who wouldn’t want a share in a million or so pounds?! The Love My Lotto syndicates are split into groups of 21 players, so that’s you and 20 other players, which of course requires that any prize money won on the lotto game in question is split between just 21 members in total. The syndicates are professionally maintained and run by the Love My Lotto company; a UK based company called the Jackpot Store LTD. There is nothing further for members to do after joining, apart from sit back and take it easy while the company do all the hard work and inform you of any winnings by email.

The lottery results are checked by the allocated syndicate manager the moment the draw takes place, and emails sent to notify anyone winning a cash prize are sent out promptly. The winnings are then quickly and securely loaded and transferred into the individual member’s area so they can withdraw the winnings at their leisure! many players decide to keep the earning in the secure account to play for more games or wait for a special occasion to withdraw all the money accrued. Lottery players from almost anywhere in the world (apart from the USA, those are the rules I’m afraid) can join one of the above mentioned online syndicates. So now people from far flung places can indeed play the UK National Lottery from the comfort of their own home. They can even watch the draw live on the internet via the BBC homepage!

Love My Lotto

All of the Love My Lotto systems, processes and procedures are checked by absolutely the best top accountants, Grant Thornton. This ensures that the company complies with its own high standards and the high standards within the gaming industry regarding the protection of players funds, players identity and the secure purchase of draw entry tickets and of course, the distribution of members winnings and prize money!

Love My Lotto Affiliate Program

As well as being able to enjoy playing and hopefully winning more often in this Fantastic lottery syndicate system operated by Love My Lotto you can take advantage of the excellent referral opportunity available. The Love My Lotto Affiliate Program is a great way and highly lucrative way of increasing your income or even creating a new one. you can do it full or part time, the choice is yours. Many players simple want to play for free and this can be done almost straight way; you only have to introduce a few other players and in return, the commission you earn will pay for your very own qualifying syndicate.

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The company is owned and manged by its two directors, plus various private investors. Love My Lotto was founded by John Wiley and Brent Harding who are both Directors of the company and have many years of gaming industry expertise. Supporting the two Love My Lotto Directors is a highly experienced advisory board with a Corporate Governance Group which has as its Chairman, the well known and highly respected entrepreneur and businessman; Lord Digby Jones.

Not only do Love My Lotto provide new and exciting way to play Euromillions and the UK Lotto they also offer seasoned players a sensible strategy and system to not only increase their odds but better their gaming experience. It’s exciting to see increased winnings, even if they are smaller. And who know when the big one will arrive?! Love My Lotto offer three simple packages that players can subscribe to.

 Love My Lotto
If you want to play the lottery the smart way, think Love My Lotto!

Euromillions Rollover

Euromillions Rollover

Ticket sales soar when the Euromillions (also know as the Eurolottery) enter the Euromillions rollover state, and retailers take advantage of the fact with extra promotions and advertising in the run up to these events.  Why not bypass the queues and enter the Euromillions rollover online?  The odds of winning the Euromillions rollover are enormous of course, but you can get better value for money and more chances to win by joining an online syndicate scheme like LoveMyLotto, and then sharing any winnings with others in your virtual consortium.  The whole thing is reliably and securely managed by LoveMyLotto, a UK based company who take all the hassle out of playing the Euromillions and other Lottery games.

Euromillions Rollover Tickets

A standard Euromillions ticket costs 2.00 or £2.00.  Typically with LoveMyLotto, it would make up part of a ‘bundle’ of draws you would pay for as part of your syndicate, and it all adds up to a lot less than it would cost if you were to queue up and buy all those tickets individually.  Playing with LoveMyLotto also ensures you don’t forget to make your entry on those all-important Euromillions rollover Friday draws.

Euromillions Rollover Jackpot

The regular Lotto rolls over too of course, but it’s the sheer size of the massive Euromillions draw and Euromillions rollover that makes it such fun.  Euromillions rollover jackpots of over 100 million are by no means uncommon, and most of us make a point of reading the news the next day to see what country the winner(s) are from, or indeed if the prize is set to roll over again.

Understandably, most big winners choose to remain anonymous, although there have been a few high profile winners who’ve gone public and had their stories covered in the media.  2010 was something of a bonanza year for UK players.  In May, UK resident Pat Sharpe (presumably not the DJ) won £84 million on a Euromillions rollover.  Just prior to that, Nigel Page and Justine Laycock shared the Euromillions rollover jackppot with a Spanish player, pocketing £56 million.  And in October an anonymous winner took home a staggering £113 million.  The biggest win by a named individual to date was an eye-watering €183 million, won by Irish player Dolores McNamara.  This instantly made her Ireland’s 72nd richest person.  This record was broken in May 2009, when a 25 year old woman from Spain won €126 million.  Such is the allure and profitability of the £100 million jackpot, that sometimes the organizers hold ‘Super draws’, typically when there hasn’t been an ‘organic’ rollover for a while.

These are incomprehensible figures to most of us.  And many of us would hate to go public in the event of such sudden wealth.  But that doesn’t stop many of us having a little wager when the jackpot goes crazy! So the next time it’s a Euromillions Rollover why not have a go with LoveMyLotto!

Euromillions Rollover

Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto

Millions of Brits buy a lottery ticket each Saturday, along with their groceries to play in the Saturday lotto.  Launched in November 1994, with a huge advertising campaign and a spectacular firework display, the Saturday lotto immediately caught the public’s imagination, with over seven million pounds worth of tickets being sold in the first twelve hours alone.  The entire UK nation watched the inaugural one hour TV draw, clutching their tickets in anticipation.  These days, it’s a much quicker affair, but still very much part of many players Saturday evening viewing and also the purchasing of tickets on a Saturday daytime.

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Who Operates the UK Saturday Lotto?

The official operator of the UK Lotto is Camelot.  It was originally chosen from 6 other bidders.  They also manage distribution of funds for good causes (one of the National Lotteries’ primary objectives), devise new games, oversee marketing, and distribute winnings and partner over 28,000 retailers who sell their tickets.

The first lottery (national lottery) ‘rollover’ draw in December 1994 caused a media sensation, and despite the winner’s wish to remain anonymous, the press soon identified him.  This one individual pocketed over £17 million.  By contrast, 133 winners shared the jackpot in January 1995.

The Machines Used in the Saturday Lotto

The UK Saturday Lotto uses eleven machines, which are themselves selected at random, to ensure the system remains completely secure, unbiased and automated.  In keeping with Camelot’s own name, the machines are called Merlin, Arthur, Galahad, Vyvyan, Lancelot, Garnet, Topaz, Opal, Amethyst, Moonstone and Pearl.  Each lotto machine is optimised and carefully designed to prevent fraud.

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Saturday Lotto