Global Lottery News • Friday EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated At £21/€26 Million

The EuroMillions jackpot for Friday 15 June is estimated to be worth around £21/€26 million, so anyone who likes the idea of increasing their bank balance by eight figures or so might do well to get involved and give fate a chance to help them out. The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are around 1 in 116.5 million, but there are 13 prize tiers in all and the odds of winning any of the available prizes with a single entry are a very impressive 1 in 13. As in all lottery games, EuroMillions players who buy more than one ticket enjoy an even better chance of winning.


Global Lottery News • UK Lotto Results For Wednesday 13th May 2012

Although the date yesterday was the 13th, which some people associate the number as being unlucky, many UK Lotto ticket holders were hoping that luck might be on their side so that they could win the £2.4 million jackpot on offer. The UK Lotto results for Wednesday 13th May 2012 show just that as despite the date being an unlucky number two ticket holders had luck with them as they matched the six numbers drawn to split the jackpot meaning that each ticket took home £1,225,258.


Global Lottery News • EuroMillions Results For Tuesday 12th June 2012

The previous hysteria concerning the EuroMillions jackpot last Friday (which was landed by two tickets) had reverted to a fairly normal level of excitement by Tuesday, but with £12/€15 million up for grabs there was still plenty to play for. As it happened, no ticket matched the five main numbers and both Lucky Stars and so the jackpot started rolling once again, with the jackpot this Friday estimated to be worth around £21/€26 million. The EuroMillions results for Tuesday 12th June 2012 were as follows…


Global Lottery News • Back To Basics For Tuesday’s EuroMillions Jackpot

Tonight sees the Tuesday EuroMillions jackpot go back to basics after the top prize was won in Friday’s draw. All we know about the two ticket holders who won the £127/€158 million jackpot is that one ticket came from the UK and the other from Belgium, however the identity of these EuroMillions ticket holders remains unknown and it’s unlikely now that they will come forward to collect this impressive win. The EuroMillions top prize on offer tonight is estimated at £12/€15 million and although lower than other jackpots it will still be life-changing if won.


Global Lottery News • A Mixed Bag Of Lottery Fun

This week offers a mixed bag of lottery fun with a batch of brand new jackpots sitting alongside larger rollover jackpots. This means that there are jackpots to suit players no matter how ambitious they happen to be, so someone who wants to win a nine-figure fortune will be just as well catered for as someone who wants the best possible chance of winning. Read on and we’ll highlight some of the coming attractions between now and the middle of the week…


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The draw tonight with the UK National Lottery Lotto double rollover is predicted to top the £10 million mark. Some pundits are suggesting that a late rush in ticket sales could push the jackpot prize closer to the £11 million mark. Lotto players are urged not to leave the purchase of lottery tickets until the last minute as there is sure to be a very high demand both online and at traditional lotto outlets thoughout the UK.

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