A Supercar Prize Competition To Make Your Summer Sizzle

This Supercar prize competition will make your summer sizzle, but you have to be in it to win it!

Winning this supercar competition will certainly make the next few months of the summer so much better, giving you time to get the roof down and enjoy the glorious sunshine – well that’s the plan anyway!

So to celebrate the Best of the Best supercar prize competition they are focusing on a range of fabulous convertibles, as there is no better feeling than to drop the roof, drop a gear, and listen to the engine roar. You just won’t get a better opportunity to win a car like the new Mercedes SLS Roadster, so it’s definitely worth a punt.

The May Winner for The Best of the Best was  Mr. Ahmed Ali from the UK, who was totally gobmacked and surprised when he heard the great news.

“I got a missed call from you guys and I thought maybe there was something wrong with my transaction. Then I spoke to William who said: “You played in two competitions, the free competition to win an ipod nano and the Supercar Competition… do you know which one you’ve won?” When it turned out to be the Supercar competition I was over the moon. My friends were teasing me that when I got to your office all I’d really get was a toy car. They weren’t laughing for long when they realised that I actually had won. I am not sure which car to choose yet but will be making my mind up over the next few days….what a great feeling!!!”

If you are a petrol head you might want to join in the fun this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed being held at the end of June. Its a fantastic and unique weekend that brings together a heady mix of cars, stars and motor sport.

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