Euromillions Results Checker

Before you check your results using the Euromillions Results Checker please remember: ALSO CHECK THE RAFFLE NUMBERS ON YOUR EURO MILLIONS TICKET! There’s a £1million prize guaranteed every week in the UK Millionaire Raffle!

Euromillions Results Checker

Find out about the latest way to play the Lotto, Daily Play and the Euro Lottery and check your lottery results using the lottery checker.

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Checking your ticket with the Euromillions Results Checker

So you’ve bought your EUROMILLIONS ticket, the draw has taken place and now it’s time to check if you are a winner or not by using a results checker! Simply click on the link below to be taken to the quick and easy Euromillions checker.  All you need is your five main numbers and your two lucky stars to hand and check below the Euromillions results checker , check your tickets against the results to see if you have been a lucky winner!

From the lowest matched numbers of 2 + 1 lucky stars right through to the jackpot maker of 5 main numbers and the 2 stars, use results checker to check winning combinations from the most recent Euromillions draws.

If you have won a cash prize, so be sure to claim it whilst your ticket is still valid!

Euromillions Results Checker to check the Raffle Number as well

Finally, a bit about the EuroMillionsraffle number selection is selected by an Automated Draw Machine (ADM).

ADMs have been used in the UK for many years – for example, ERNIE (Premium Bonds) works on a similar basis.

The ADM produces the winning entry entirely at random, so each individual Millionaire Raffle number has a separate and equal chance of winning a prize, regardless of when, where and how it was bought.

> Click HERE to use the Euromillions Results Checker <

Euromillions Results Checker

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Rememer you can use the Euromillions Results Checker to check euromillions and also the euromillions raffle ticket at the same time.