Little Lotto Cheat Sheets: From A Lotto Winner Who Knows How To

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From someone who has won Lotto, these cheat sheets are specially designed to dramatically increase your chances of winning while cutting your costs when playing systems games. We all know that playing systems can increase your chances many times, but the official systems cost is prohibitive for many. These cheat sheets increase your chances by allowing more systems games to be played for much less than it costs for an official Lotto system, yet still being efficient. Works for all types of Lotto games around the world and including the Soccer Pools.

This book includes other essential information to help you pick your numbers and by combining the power of the system you choose and using the right number combination, your chances will skyrocket.

- Introduction
- Odds, Evens And Couples
- Number Blocks – and draws above 20
- Combining the Methods
- About the Cheat Sheets
- Using the Cheat Sheets
- System 9 Cheat Sheet
- System 10 Cheat Sheet
- System 12 Cheat Sheet
- Bigger Systems – About Stack and Overlay
- Making It Easy
- Printing Pages In This Kindle Book
- Final Recommendations

No one can guarantee a Lotto win, but these simple methods will dramatically increase your chances. At $2.99, this little book packs a lot of punch for a small investment and as Geoff says, ‘I don’t really need the money but I am tired of the Lotto folks making big profits at the expense of the little guy.’

Little Lotto Cheat Sheets: From A Lotto Winner Who Knows How To Reduce The Odds, These Useful Cheat Sheets Will Help You Create Your Own Winning Systems!

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