Lotto Software

Lotto Software

There are literally hundreds of pieces of Lotto Software, some good, some bad, some cheap, some expensive. You need to arm yourself with as much information as you can before you decide to part with your money or time (you could well be on the hunt for the holy grail!).  The first question is probably why do you need or want lotto software in the first place?

One of the main reasons to buy lotto software is if you are looking for a system to suggest numbers to play with based on an analysis of patterns of previous draws and also probabilities for prediction (perhaps presented as a percentage ov likelihood).  You may also want the Lotto Software to have the ability to generate wheeling systems with minimum winning guarantees and also the ability to manipulate the suggested numbers to remove unpopular number sequences and print the numbers directly onto lotto play slips.  Also don’t forget the all-important lottery history, some lotto software systems automatically provide lottery results history for you to download, other require manual imports.

Why use Lotto Software

So we’ve looked at some of the reasons and advantages of lotto software, why else might you want to use it? Well, the companies that make the software claim that using them can significantly increase your chances of winning. Certainly having a good lotto system is essential to win the lottery. For instance, if you want to guarantee that you pick 3 numbers in a pick 6 lottery say, you can specify the minimum win guarantee. So for example, the software will provide you with all the numbers you need to ALWAYS match a minimum of 3 numbers! You might be surprised how few tickets you need to do this! This can be done using wheeling systems. A wheeling system is a very powerful strategy that provides an effective, systematic and logical approach to playing lotto games. Essentially the softer takes all the hard work and maths involved with this complex area of lottery picking.

What to look for in Lotto Software

Also of source you will need to make sure the software you buy works or is written for the lottery you are targeting.  So if you are in the UK you will need software that support pick 6 for the National Lottery, or a pick5 + 2 for the Euromillions. Some software will help you select tickets for any lottery so will support Pick 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 through to 10, with up to 2 or more bonus or Powerball numbers. Some software also support games such as Keno and Quinto.

With the increasing amount of people who have been successful using Lotto software it may well be worth have a closer look. Of course all this work and research is time consuming and worth it for the average lotto player who just wants a stress free way of playing.  If this is you, then LoveMyLotto is probably more your cup of tea. Good luck in the quest for your ideal Lotto Software!

Lotto Software