LoveMyLotto – Everything you need to know!

With LoveMyLotto you no longer need to play alone, but with a group of 21 other lottery players, all set on winning together!  You get more balls for your money and more bang for your buck. The advantages are huge, the odds are stacked in your favor and the fun is at the max.



LoveMyLotto Lottery Syndicate

LoveMyLottoIf you have ever played in a syndicate before you’ll appreciate the advantages, basically, you win more often.  It’s a fact that more wins are by syndicates than by single players.

It’s just simple maths.

But you also probably realise the hassle it can be using traditional methods, you know, buying the tickets, gathering the money, sorting the winnings, making sure you enter each week, dealing with people who want to take a break, dealing with new syndicate players, what a headache!

Well, that’s all changes now with LoveMyLotto.  With LoveMyLotto, it’s all done on line! Welcome to the 21st century.

Lottery Syndicate
LoveMyLotto is completely web based using email to notify players of winnings.  Everything is done for you. LoveMyLotto is the world’s all inclusive multi-lottery syndicate system which was released in December 2010 and provides lottery members an exceptional cost efficient and a superior gaming experience.

LoveMyLotto Options

LoveMyLotto provides you with 3 options of monthly syndicate re-occurring play plans:

The Bronze, the Silver and the Gold plan.

Unlike with the normal traditional lottery syndicate play in which you play a specific lottery game, LoveMyLotto automatically includes you in various unique games every week.

No matter which syndicate plan you choose. You will always get:

• Entries into Friday EuroMillions
• Entries into Millionaire Raffle
• Entries into Saturday UK National Lottery
• Entries in Premium Bond Draw
• Entries in Daily Draw
• Entries into Wednesday UK Lottery

Did you know that ONE in every FOUR National Lottery jackpot wins is scooped up as a result of syndicate play (Source: Camelot).  Well, now you do, so lets get to it!

Lottery Syndicate

The LoveMyLotto lottery syndicate offers a maximum of 21 players in each syndicate. This makes sure that any winnings that a syndicate receives is automatically shared out between the 21 syndicate players.  An added benefit is that customers who are registered and have decided upon their syndicate will be managed and maintained under strict guidelines by LoveMyLotto. Upon signing up you will be allocated into the next available syndicate.

LoveMyLotto Results

Results are promptly confirmed via email against your syndicate numbers and then, all winnings are uploaded to the individual players area for the purpose of withdrawal.

Lottery Syndicate

It simply can’t get much easier than this! Register with a LoveMyLotto syndicate without delay and experience this completely new and exciting way of playing many lottery games by way of this fantastic top of the line technology enhanced lottery syndicate system.