Most Common Lottery Numbers

Why else would you be interested in the most common lottery numbers, other than to win big, correct?

At time of writing, using data up to and including the Saturday 16th July 2011 the following most common lottery numbers can be seen for the main National Lottery Lotto draw on a Saturday and Wednesday (excluding the Bonus Ball). And the most most common lottery numbers drawn are…

Most Common Lottery Numbers

38, 44, 43, 23, 11, 33

According to research conducted, the most commonly selected UK Lotto numbers by players are 7, 17, 23, 32, 40, 42. However, using them does not necessarily increase your chances of winning the lottery, in fact, using these numbers will more than likely mean you have to share your winnings with lots of other people!

According to the OLG website for the Canadian Lotto (a pick 6 out of 49 lottery), the 5 most common lottery numbers drawn based on frequency, since the game started, are, in order:

31, 34, 47, 43, 40

For the Super 7 lottery, the 5 most common lottery numbers are:

23, 35, 34, 16, 29

Most Common Lottery Numbers Strategy

Keep in mind that all number and combinations mathematically do have an equal chance of being drawn. That’s why it’s called a lottery! It’s an interesting point to mention but for each lottery the most frequent number is going to be different, and it’s going to change on a weekly basis.

Having said that, some people believe that by combining the understanding of the most common lottery numbers with optimal conditions of when and which lotteries to play will greatly improve the overall chances of winning a large jackpot. Another way of saying this is people believe that players should try to pick numbers that have a better chance of being drawn (most common lottery numbers) and also players should play lotteries that have smaller odds and have a smaller playing field. The logic here is that they are easier to win, players win more often, and therefore players win more overall.

Most Common Lottery Numbers Trivia

One of the most common lottery numbers selected by players appears to be the lucky number eight. This number is a very lucky number in Chinese culture. In fact, In China, a well-known regional airline was said to have paid around 2.4 million Yuan, or $300000, to have 88888888 for a telephone number!

A very common number usually considered superstitious and known as a bad number, the unusually named triskaidekaphobia phobia is the name of given to a fear of the number 13. The specific fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.
Christian traditions also say that, Judas, who was the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table of the last supper, and that for this reason 13 is considered to carry a curse or bring bad luck.

In Italy, 17 is an unlucky number because when it is written into Roman digits (XVII) it can easily be rearranged to “VIXI”, which in Latin means I lived.

The title of most unpopular number goes to numbers four and 13. In Korea, China, and Japan, as well as in many East-Asian and some Southeast Asian countries, there is a fear of the number four because phonetically it is similar to the word ‘death’. It is not uncommon for buildings including offices, apartments, and hotels to lack floors with the number four.

Most Common Lottery Numbers

Of course for the serious players and for people who want to learn how to pick winning lottery numbers there are 2 golden rules to play by. 1st play the right lottery games and 2nd, make use of lottery syndicate systems.  Click here to find out more about LOVEMYLOTTO and how to pick winning lottery numbers.

Pick you number wisely and pick your most common lottery numbers even more wisely!