The Players Lottery

Without doubt The Players Lottery is one of the most exciting lottery games that have ever been launched.

The Players Lottery

The Players Lottery is a brand new type of lottery, is unique, and has the best odds ever offered on any major lottery, ever. In fact, the odds are so good they seem almost too good to be true! With The Players Lottery you have the chance of winning of 10,000,000 Euros. That’s 10 millions Euros. 10 MILLION! And the the odds of winning start at 1 in 300,000! That’s right, you read that correctly. They START from 1 in 300,000 chances!

Registration is Free for the The Players Lottery

At the moment registration is free and you can be entered into a FREE 50,000 Euro draw. find out more by clicking on the image below:

The Players Lottery Affiliate Program

It’s an interesting concept and one that plays an important role in the players lottery is the referral system. Most companies from classic bricks and mortar to purely online offer some sort of referral scheme. An incentive to refer other customers be that with money, vouchers, discount etc. The players lottery have really embraced this concept. The players lottery offer multiple levels of referral, and in fact have created the concept of a player’s Share the Wealth Network. Even Player’s that put in even a minimal effort and refer just a handful of people will be rewarded with a far greater chance to win a prize and therefore will be greatly encouraged to refer their friends, family members and colleagues. The players lottery supply all the links, banners and buttons to ensure that anyone can easily refer everyone they know through Facebook, Twitter, email or by several onsite methods that we provide. And all of their effort serves to expand players Share the Wealth Network.

The Players Lottery

Why players should refer other players to the The Players Lottery

In fact by introducing just 10 People to The Players Lottery and assuming that each person only refers 2 others, a players Share the Wealth Network can grow in theory to 310 people. If ANY of these referred people win the main jackpot prize; that players could win €100,000! Imagine if you introduce 1,000 or 10,000 or more!

The Players Lottery

A referred player is tagged to your network for as long as you both remain members of The Players Lottery. That means that if one of your customers wins the jackpot 1, 2 or even 100 draws after you have referred them; You win €100,000! Even if you never buy a lottery ticket! Essentially because of this unique referral program all players are in fact affiliates. But not to worry, if you don’t want to be an affiliate, or refer people then that’s fine! You can just be a player and that’s all. Not a problem!

Click here for for more information on the Player Lottery Affiliate Program.

This is really just an introduction to The Players Lottery, look out for more information from us soon.