UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 28th September

Here are the UK Lotto Results for Lotto draw number 1,645, held on Wednesday 28th September 2011:

The 6-ball jackpot was £2.3 MILLION.

The UK Lotto results are… Main Numbers: 1519 - 25 - 36 - 4445 Bonus Number: 43.

The UK Lotto results confirm that there was no jackpot winner.

The machine used for this UK Lotto draw was Guinevere; ball set 4.

It’s always exciting to see the UK Lotto Results; the next UK Lotto draw is on Saturday 1st October 2011, with an estimated jackpot of £6.5 million.

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We hope that these UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 28th September have been of use and good luck!