What are the Best Lotto Numbers To Play?

We are often asked what the Best Lotto Numbers To Play are. it’s not an easy question to answer.

Best Lotto Numbers To Play

Basically, as the lottery is a random game you are just as likely to win with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 than you are with totally random numbers.  There is an interesting concept that it is important to understand, and here it is; the results of the previous lottery draws can in no way influence the future draws. Once you understand that then you have to realise that you are just as likely to win with the any of the possible combinations, so the best thing to do is just not worry about your numbers at all.

Myths of the Best Lotto Numbers To Play

But we can still answer that question. What are the Best Lotto Numbers To Play? The answer is now simple. just play the numbers that you are happy with and the numbers that you are less likely to forget! Birth dates, old house numbers, they are all just as good as each other. It may well be worth picking and playing the same numbers each week. The only reason for this is that if you keep swapping and changing your numbers you may end up picking the winning numbers some weeks past and you will have to live with the fact that if you had picked and stuck with the same numbers you would now be rich beyond wealth! So probably best to stick to the same numbers and also to make sure you play each week. Same thing goes, don’t win the lottery the week you don’t play! That would also be very bad.

Using a Lottery Syndicate to pick the Best Lotto Numbers To Play

The best way to play the same numbers week in week out is to play online. even better would be to pool your tickets together and play in a syndicate. There are a number on online lottery syndicates at the moment. Take a look at LOVE MY LOTTO:

Best Lotto Numbers To Play

They offer a great deal on pooled lottery play allowing you to play multiple lotteries and enter multiple times without the cost and risk of doing it all on your own. Also you are sure that every week everything is done for you. No more queuing in the supermarket. No more worrying that you forget to buy that all important ticket. in fact no more stress at all. You just sit back and let the LOVE MY LOTTO syndicate system do everything or you!

So in summary, if you are looking for the Best Lotto Numbers To Play then stop the stress and just play in a managed lottery syndicate and be done with it!

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